It all started one morning; all my guests wanted to see was a leopard so I decided to look and try and find one for them. While we were looking for tracks I heard on the radio that one had been found so I made my way there.

Unfortunately, when we got there they had lost visual so I tried to relocate this shy animal. Luckily we could find it and we followed it through the bush right up to a dam where he lay down for a “cat nap”. “What a wonderful animal” my guests said. Once the leopard woke up and slowly moved off, we tried to follow him again but it was too thick to go in so I decided to go around the block to see if he would come out.

As we got to an opening and went in, to my surprise a cheetah came out the other side. I thought to myself what a strange swap! A leopard goes in the one side of the block and a cheetah comes out the other side – just another reason to expect the unexpected in the wild.

Bryan – Kapama River Lodge