Very often rangers and trackers will work as a team in order to successfully track a particular animal down. As a rule on Kapama we are allowed three vehicles per area of where an animal was last seen. For instance this morning on drive two leopards, that are currently mating, were found near our newest camp, Southern Camp. Shortly after being found however they disappeared into the bush as most cats will do in the heat of the day. This afternoon several rangers had come together and agreed to circle that same area in an attempt to relocate these magnificent and illusive creatures.

It always comes in handy when you can cover an area quicker. Very often leopards, once located, will begin to move off. They are extremely shy animals by nature and not nearly and overly confident as lions. Therefore having rangers on the standby on the roads around the area helps to locate them quicker. Tonight we managed to track down the two leopards and as per usual they disappeared into the thick bush not far off the road. We sat in anticipation listening to them as they mated and growled nearby. After sometime we could no longer hear their sounds and realize they had moved off in the opposite direction. Rangers were already ready and waiting on roads we believed they might pop out on. Unfortunately for us they decided with all the activity of the vehicles not to show their faces again but all the vehicles could follow their movements based on their audio. Had they decided to resurface we would have been ready and waiting.

Cindy – Kapama River Lodge

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