It is that time of year when there is no peace in the impala world. The males are running around all over and are engaged into a series of battle with one another hoping to gain dominance and females. While these males are fighting, however, other males are sneakily mating with the females.

The young males are unfortunately kicked out of the herd and separated from their mothers; therefore, they are more exposed to danger. Females are also more confused as they are grouped together with different males day after day. The reason for this is that when the male wins and joins up with the females, he forgets to eat and thereby loses a lot of energy. Thereafter, another male will take over the role of dominance.

Unfortunately, predators are also taking advantage of this situation. The males are too pre-occupied with fighting and mating that they are not aware of their surroundings, therefore making it easier for predators to catch their meal.

This is now the reality of the impala family for the next couple of months.

Nelson – Kapama River Lodge

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