Summer can normally be associated with hot weather , lots of rain, venomous snakes and scary scorpions, but there is a part of summer that everyone seems to forget about, the part about how the bush comes alive with colour and life . All the birds come back from Europe and Russia, the veld comes alive with fresh colours of green and the sun sets’ seem to have a whole new colour scheme. The most amazing thing in my eyes has to be all our new babies that arrive during this time of plenty ! There are now miniature warthogs running around trying their best to keep up with their mothers and then there are the new arrivals in the impala herds but, my favourite must be a new litter of jackal pups whom I saw for the first time last night, the cutest babies in my eyes out of the whole lot ! So, I think that yes, their are some negatives in the hot summer months but, the season makes up for it by giving us something to smile at on every game drive.

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