The bush is a limitless classroom of knowledge. Some people have the gift of sharing and showing the knowledge they have gained in the years of spending endless hours in the bush! Today I want to pay tribute and show my greatest gratitude to such a person; Given Khoza, my tracker, mentor and greatest friend. He is one of these wonderfully gifted people and shares his vast knowledge with me and the guests that visit us at Kapama.

Trackers play an important part of the safari. They are the people that sit on the front of the car when on safari. The reason for that is to look for tracks and signs that the animals leave behind. They are specialists in the age-old art of tracking.

Most trackers come from a family that has a long history with the African bush and the skills they have are passed from generation to generation.

Today is my turn to thank each and every tracker for the great job they are doing and helping us to show the people from far and wide the beautiful animals Africa has to offer.

F.W – Kapama River Lodge

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