Yesterday afternoon we departed on the afternoon safari with some very keen Italian first timers, obviously very exited about their first game drive in Africa. Soon after we left we responded to an Elephant sighting at one of the waterholes called “Mamba dam”. At arrival we found a breeding herd all having a drink and a very small baby was comically trying to use its trunk, but without much success. Elephant calves are not born with the ability to use their trunks right away, and have to learn this by constant practice, in a very similar way us humans have to learn how to write.

Not long after we stopped we saw five Buffalo bulls approaching the same waterhole. One of the younger elephant bulls took exception to this and half heartedly made a mock charge. Naturally the mature Buffalo bulls weren’t bothered at all.

After a wile we decided to leave just in time to spot a Serval (Felis Serval) cross the road as we left the area. We were still contemplating our luck by finding two Big 5 sightings at one waterhole when we were informed by another ranger that two Rhino’s also joined the fray at the waterhole.

We returned to go and have a look and yes there they were, three Big 5 species in one go..!

We couldn’t have been luckier and my Italian guests couldn’t have asked for more.

We returned to the lodge very satisfied and ready for a fantastic dinner!


Sebastiaan Jansen Van Vuuren

Senior ranger – Kapama Lodge

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