img_3092The other night during dinner my guests wanted to know if lions ever try to get into the lodge. My answer: “Well, no, not really, it happened once before, but that was a long time ago. Generally they would try to avoid a busy lodge like this where there is a lot of human activity going on”. So yesterday morning while we were waiting for our guests to go on game drive, I walked towards the entrance from where we depart for drive. Suddenly I heard a growl, and the next moment a big male lion ran straight past me. On closer investigation, the rangers and trackers who followed the tracks, discovered that the Lions killed a male Nyala in the back of our parking lot during the night. What excitement!! But nothing to worry about, as everything is back to normal, and the carcass removed to a place where the Lions can enjoy the rest of their left over feast… never a dull moment!

Maggie Oosthuizen-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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