Once again, clear skies here at Kapama. We really can not complain about our weather, when looking at other parts of the country where its cold and windy.

Last night we had another great elephant sighting. The herd was moving slowly from a waterhole towards the northern area of the reserve. On my vehicle I had a young girl by the name of Nina, she was so excited to see them as well as our calf which was born a couple of weeks ago. He really kept us entertained-trying to use his trunk but not managed to pick up anything. Two elder bulls were summing each other up, trying to discover which of the two are stronger.

We had a lovely meal in the Boma last night, when out of the corner of one of the rangers eyes(Maggie) -she spotted a civet. The civet was still quite young and was wandering about amongst the stones looking for something to eat. Not bothered with any of the guests,which in turn were staring in amazement.

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