Kapama Private game reserve is a private reserve ranging between 13000 and 14000 hectres. Tourists come to Kapama in big numbers specifically to come on the safaris to view the animals. However, we also offer extra activities such as the bush walk and elephant interaction.

I went out on a walk with one of my fellow rangers Joe and nine of our guests. After explaining the safety regulations we start our walk. Myself and Collen (Joe’s tracker) picked up some rhino tracks so we decided to follow.

After following for quite some time (talking about trees and bugs along the way) we found the three rhinos lying next to the road. Everyone was extremely excited and took tons of photos. There were also some zebras and impala with us. The impala saw us and unfortunately scared off the rhinos.

It is always important to remember that there is no guarantee of seeing one of the big 5 but the experience is still enjoyable as we teach you about the smaller things in the bush and how they play an important role in nature.

Harry – Kapama River Lodge

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