Rarely seen during the day the aardvark is one of Africa’s most bizarre and specialized animals, and I was so lucky to see one for a second time on Kapama!!!

I was ecstatic…my guests too…after I told them what a rare mammal this is and i’m sure they couldn’t miss the excitement in my voice when I told them the facts of this

Magnificent creature!

It resembles a pig in colour, spare bristle type hair, its long tubular snout and ears.

Heavy tail, muscular legs and well developed claws made for digging.

Main food source termites

An interesting fact is that the aardvark is one animal that appears to have benefited from the overstocking of farms with domestic stock. The trampling of the grass by the stock, makes the grass more available to termites on which aardvark feeds!

So, after this excellent sighting I drove home knowing that my guests are happy and once again I have seen one of nature’s great jewels!

By Jessica Dunne