On lasts nights’ safari it was once again evident that nature could never be “anticipated”. We started out on drive with a group of German guests, quite eager to see what we can find  out there. Being a fairly slow start to our drive we decided to concentrate , just for a wile, on the smaller creatures not that often seen or sometimes overlooked because of their size.

We came a cross a termite mound, and as we stopped and just watched for a wile the small little “mouse-like” faces of the Dwarf mongooses appeared. They are one of our smallest mongoose species and just a delight to watch. Normally upon arriving they would all just scatter for the holes in a termite mound, but being very inguisitive they fortunately do not stay there for to long before this gets the better of them, and they start coming out one by one to gawk at us, as much as we gawk at them. Adorable is just one of the words to describe their antics, even more so if there are babies almost half the size than normal joining the frey.

While driving further we also spotted a huge chameleon crossing the road, also quite special considering we normally only see the medium to small size chameleons during night time with our spotlights.

On a bigger scale we were fortunate to spot some lionesses just lying around, and also  some elephant feeding peacefully not to far from the road. On our way back we had to negotiate a maze through a herd of buffalo before finally returning to the lodge for a lovely boma dinner under African skies.

All and all a perfect evening at Kapama Lodge.

Sebastiaan Jansen Van Vuuren

Ranger – Kapama Lodge

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