Our days are getting longer and our nights shorter, the days are warmer and everyday we can feel a slight hint of the warm summer days not being to far away.


Departing on our afternoon game drive I did not really have anything particularly in mind to look for. We moved into an area where we spotted some Rhino earlier in the day, and because I had new guests I thought this would be a good area to start looking for our firsts Big five sighting.


As a guide you get to a stage where you start appreciating the smaller things, knowing that without them the bigger things would not be possible. After we spotted four Rhino in an open piece of Savannah, we decided to go and have some drinks while watching the sunset.


I explained after drinks that we would be using a spotlight whilst driving in the night, but that we only shine on the nocturnal animals. Driving towards a dam where a female Leopard and cubs are known to hang out, we heard a rustle in the grass next to the car. I stopped the car and turned it so that my tracker could shine the light, and there it was, two Honey Badgers having a territorial dispute! I could not believe my eyes. I have seen a lot of Honey Badgers before, but usually they would be running away. We had a clear view of these two having a serious fight right in the open next to my car! An unforgettable sight and I only realized after watching them for ten minutes that I had my camera with me. One of the Honey Badgers eventually gave up and we watched them move back into the bush, like they were never there.


Still speechless after what we witnessed I turned the car around and made my way back to the lodge. Indeed an unforgettable experience…..


 Story by: Wynand van Niekerk-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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