Yesterday a group of 8 guests checked in at main lodge, all of them were agents specialising in lodge marketing. One lady had been on safari with me before and once again, she asked to see that all elusive “Holy Grail” of the big five, the leopard. I headed east past Rhino dam, as it was I was the only vehicle out that afternoon. We were driving along and I was explaining about a young female leopard that was establishing herself in the east. I even had my hand outstretched to indicate the area involved when suddenly the very same cat crossed the road in front of us! We followed her for a while before she disappeared down a drainage line. We continued to find two white rhino and an elephant bull as well as a grumpy old buffalo in a waterhole. The evening produced a flap-necked chameleon perched on a twig, a porcupine scampering across the road and lastly a small-spotted genet close to the lodge, there were many firsts that day for several guests!


Sebastiaan Jansen van Vuuren

Senior Ranger

Kapama Main Lodge


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