People very often see wildlife and are amazed by it all. From the animals, to the birds, to the insects. But how often do we just sit and listen to the sounds of the bush. Tonight on drive we were blessed with the sounds of the night that managed to rumble right through our very bones.

We were on drive in an area quite known for leopard and hyena sightings. Our guests had been lucky enough have seen most of our game on Kapama but all we were missing was the illusive leopard. While driving around Las (my tracker) had indicated to switch off the engine. Naturally trusting his judgment I did so. All of a sudden resounding all around us were the sounds of several spotted hyena. The sound seemed to be coming from inside the vehicle, loud and crystal clear. As if the echo of hyena calls and giggles were closing in from all sides. What an adrenaline rush to be in the middle of all this activity and excitement. We decided to try and follow the calls to a den site we knew of near by. When we came across the den we were graced by the presence of ten hyenas of which 4 were tiny pups. Still calling into the night we sat in awe of the sounds. We switched off the engine and all the lights and just listened as they moved around us in the darkness. Something quite intimidating and yet completely invigorating. For once no one was worried about seeing them but consumed in the sounds of the African night.