On some Game drive’s we tend to see leopards. This is not a frequent sighting because of this beautiful creature’s shy and elusive behavior, therefore, it is always a bonus and a pleasure to spot one. Every time I see a leopard is like seeing it for the first time and we were fortunate to see a young male leopard, approximately 3 years old, one late afternoon while on safari.

What is peculiar about him was his calm and relaxed nature which is quite abnormal for a leopard. This leopard walked up and down the road and even came as close to the safari vehicle where it sniffed the wheels and the trackers feet. He eventually moved off in the bush and I decided to follow him and after a few hundred metres I found him sitting on top of an old termite mound that was occupied by warthogs.

It only took a few minutes and the warthogs emerged from their burrow, completely unaware of the leopard’s presence then we heard a loud squealing sound and saw the mother warthog chase the leopard around the mound trying to save her baby. The leopard eventually decided to scale a nearby tree with the young warthog dangling from its jaws. When the mother was out of sight he came down and moved a safe distance away to enjoy the well -deserved kill. I certainly hope the unfamiliar visitor will find himself a home at Kapama and that sightings of him be more frequent because he certainly is unlike any other.

Clive Carelse – Kapama River Lodge

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