After a three week disappearance of two of our pregnant female lions from the so-called Moria pride, we figured that they must be giving birth to their cubs. Lions keep their cubs very well hidden for around three months due to their vulnerability and their dependence on their mothers’ protection. Therefore, it was extremely surprising and impressive when myself and my guests witnessed a beautiful sight – mother lion carrying her baby cub in her protective jaws. We watched her as she carried it into a river bed which is a safe place to keep new born lion cubs.

Despite the excitement of all of us, the surprises were not over. Towards the end of our drive we saw another rare and exclusive creature, something that I myself have only seen four of in the last five years – a Pangolin! This is a smaller scaly ant eater that is extremely endangered due to the believed value of their scales. However, viewing one of these in addition to a new born lion cub was definitely an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Nelson – River Lodge

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