The game drives that we do daily can sometimes be amazing. On the 19th of May 2012 we went out with guests who were interested mainly in Elephants and cheetahs. We started on a very cold morning but what was most interesting was when we watched an African Fish Eagle catch a rather large cat fish. He took it up into a tree just outside the water and unfortunately dropped it while trying to secure it nicely. The fish was still alive and tried to crawl back into the water but unlucky for him, he could not make it on time and the eagle crabbed the poor fish again. We witnessed the entire feeding.

Afterwards, we continued with our drive until we found two male cheetahs. It was a great sighting, especially when they started stalking Impala. Unfortunately, they could not manage to catch anything. But, within the next half an hour, towards the end of our drive, we also managed to locate big herd of Elephants – something that was unexpected and made a brilliant finish to our morning drive.


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