A common question while out on game drive is “How old does that animal get to?” On a recent safari I think one of my guests was feeling a little old since they had just celebrated their 55th birthday and every animal we saw, she wanted to know how old could they become. So here are a few average ages of some of the more common mammals at Kapama Game Reserve.


Elephant                65 – 70 years old

White Rhino          40 – 45 years old

Lion male              12 – 14 years old

Lion female           12 – 16 years old

Leopard                15 – 17 years old

Buffalo                  25 – 30 years old

Giraffe                  25 – 28 years old

Baboon                 40 – 45 years old

Zebra                    18 – 20 years old

Hippo                   40 – 45 years old

Human being         75 – 80 years old (average)


So the next time you start feeling a little old, just remember there is no substitute for experience and with age comes wisdom.


Dean Robinson

Head Ranger

Kapama Main Lodge

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