On the two safari’s yesterday our guests were very privileged to see almost everything their hearts desired. It was absolutely awesome, they would ask if we had a certain animals, I would answer yes, and then it would appear around the next corner.

We started out on Dog Leg road and found some impala, while watching them, I turned my head and four white rhino’s were approaching the vehicle from the other side. The guests who were from Germany, couldn’t believe that these huge beasts were not afraid of the vehicle. Just then Richard, my tracker said he could see a large male elephant moving towards the vehicle from our rear. Amazing I thought rhino and elephant in the same sighting. But there was more to come. I was busy explaining a few interesting facts to the guests about both the rhino and elephant, Richard interupted me saying he could hear buffalo not to far away. We finished viewing the two larger herbivores and went to see if Richard’s ear were playing tricks. Sure enough they were not, we found the buffalo herd a little further down the road. Most of them were lying down chewing the cud, but one youngster kept staring at us quite inquisitively. Then from out of nowhere the elephant and rhinos we had just finished viewing joined the herd of buffalo. Three of the Big 5 in one sighting is extremely rare. Later that evening we located on the male lion and he gave us a great show by roaring and marking his territory.

If only every day could be like this, it just shows some days are luckier than others.

Dean Robinson

Head Ranger

Kapama Main Lodge

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