This morning we set out on a mission to find the elephant herd, our attempt was in vain however as we tracked them and eventually found the herd on foot in the centre of a big block and unfortunately were unable to view them with the vehicles.  Towards the end of drive as it was warming up we were lucky enough to find our 300 strong herd of buffalo drinking water at one of the dams. It is always a privilege to watch animals interacting at a waterhole. The whole herd was trying to find space in what is a relatively small area of water. But buffalos have no problem with squeezing together in a small space. There were some submerged under the water and others playing and drinking. What made the sighting even better was a family of warthogs who also wanted to drink. One of the younger buffalos was playfully chasing them away every time they attempted to get near the waters edge! Eventually the buffalo allowed the warthog some space and the adult male rolled around in the mud before rejoining his family. After their stint at the waterhole the buffalo moved off again  in search of food. This evening we were very grateful to find that the elephants had emerged from the block. Two of the teenage bulls were locked together in a battle of wills, and eventually the matriarch had to step in to break up the fight. All the while with a calf underneath her belly, probably wondering what on earth was going on! We also saw our dominant male lion with one of the lionesses and her two 6 month old cubs. It is quite unusual to see these 4 lions together. It seemed as though the cubs thought it was a real novelty to have their dad around and they were intent on chasing him down the road. He seemed fairly unimpressed by their playful behaviour, but they carried on regardless, trying to jump on him and running down the road in pursuit of him. What a treat! Our drive finished off with a bushbaby running across the road in front of the vehicle and a pair of spotted eagle owls perched in a dead tree on the lookout for supper.

Story by:  Sarah Sangster-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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