This afternoon, my guests were specifically interested in seeing the hippo, therefore, I make it my priority to try and find a couple. We searched from dam to dam and luckily just as the sun was setting we found a few in the water. I told my guests that this is the time of day when they start coming out of the water to graze. One by one, they came out of the water. Shortly afterwards, a big herd of elephants came to join.

The hippos started opening their mouths as wide as they can in order to show off their massive incisors – this is what they do in order to intimidate other animals. However, the elephants did not seem to be bothered by the hippos – they are, after all, the biggest land animals. The elephants just became more aggressive and started trumpeting and running towards the hippos. The hippos were left with no choice but to run into the water for safety.

Unfortunately for the hippos, elephants are not afraid of water – one of the elephants followed the hippos into the water and forced them to get out on the other side of the dam. All the young elephants were having a blast as they were the ones antagonising the poor hippos.

My guests and I had an amazing sighting and couldn’t believe our eyes.

Nelson – Kapama River Lodge

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