As we go deeper into the winter period we start to notice how thin the bush has gotten, allowing us to see further into the bush and exposing the smaller more elusive animals like steenbok and duiker and some rarer animals such as aardvark!

 Today however it was one of our largest species that made for an exciting experience for both myself and my guests. We set out shortly after breakfast for a walking trail with the aim of having a more intimate experience of the bush and the small wonders it holds, after 2 hours of walking through the bush exploring the different trees, plants birds, tracks and signs we were treated to a sighting of a female white rhino and her sub-adult calf grazing about 30 meters from where we were hidden behind a thicket of gwarrie bushes, down wind of the rhino’s and hidden from view we were able to spend several minutes watching these awesome animals without any threat of danger.

We then quietly made our retreat leaving the animals blissfully

Story by: Ryan Roodt -Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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