I have been driving a group of guests from Argentina for the last 4 days, and it has been a very interesting experience! You may think, what is there to show a group of quests for 4 days? I will tell you… in one simple word…  NATURE, in all it’s glorious beauty!

 It’s a word not confined by time or dates, weather and climate or anything else.  In the last few days  we’ve seen from Jackal killing newborn impala, to winged termites leaving the nest, watched dung beetles roll a ball of dung and buffalo weavers building their nests!

Of course,  don’t forget about the lions being lazy or elephants with all their “mammoth” strength felling massive trees.  In nature the opportunities for an incredible time is endless, and with a bit of luck thrown in and the beauty that is nature, who can say 4 days safaris are too long?  Never, ever..! Everyday is a new experience and a new adventure. You could easily spend a lifetime in the African bush and still not see everything it has on offer.  

Come see for yourself… 

Tim – Headranger

Kapama Lodge

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