Last night was one of the most fruitful nights for sightings. Several herds of buffalo were sighted, with my guests and I viewing several dozen lounging in the mud and quite a few brand new day-old, to two day old calves running around and chasing each other. The bird life is still abundant with multiple sightings of adult and juvenile Bateleur Eagles, European Bee-Eaters, Rollers, and a first for me…a Black Stork mixing it up with the buffalo in the dam. Many guests had great viewings of several of our white rhino along with our breeding herd of elephants putting on a thrilling show. As the sun settled down in a blaze of orange and red, guests across Kapama stopped for Sundowners, after which my guests and I were thrilled to happen upon our large male lion and our lone lioness with her two nine month old cubs laying in the road yawning, stretching and getting ready for a long night of hunting and playing. Several other vehicles received the same great visual of not only these lions, but our four sub-adult lionesses. Just before closing down, with a clear sky filled with brilliant stars, one of our lesser seen female leopards was spotted with two four month old cubs and right around the corner a clan of spotted hyenas with cubs in tow. Great sightings and another great night on Kapama!

Story by: Noelle Di Lorenzo-Kapama River Lodge ranger

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