After all the blessings of the rain that we had, our reptiles were hidden and the hippopotamus migrated from the big dams to smaller dams. In addition, it was not easy to see crocodiles anymore. But luckily the rain has subsided so the animals are returning to their usual waterholes.

Yesterday one of our crocodiles did a breathtaking performance; he was basking the sun on a sand bank next to the river with his mouth wide open as a herd of impala decided to join him. He just opened him eyes saw his food approaching. He was calm, pretending to be a stature as one of the baby impala came his way. In the blink of an eye when the impala was probably about 11 meters away, the crocodile ran at the speed of light with his mouth open. The impala noticed this funny looking animal crawling fast towards him and he jumped sky-high back to the mother’s safety and luckily got away with his life.

The life of a crocodile can sometimes be tough but the life of an impala is always vulnerable in wild Africa.

Nelson – Kapama River Lodge

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