This morning we were extremely fortunate towards the end of our drive as all the mornings hard work had finally paid off in the end. We found lion tracks not very far from the lodge. It was the tracks of the two females with the three cubs and they looked like they were on the hunt. We could tell this because the tracks zig zagged all over the place. After about two hours of tracking on foot, we found one lioness who was full of blood. She was on her way to find the cubs that had been left behind in the final attempts of the hunt which we now knew had been successful. After locating the cubs, she led them to a freshly killed warthog close by. The cubs immediately started playing with the carcass and practising their killing hold skills which will aid them greatly in the future when they start actively hunting for them selves or as part of a pride of their own. Being typical lions; once they were full they all looked for a shady tree under which to catch up on some sleep.

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