This morning at the start of drive we had an extremely rare sighting of a honey badger fighting with a porcupine. Eventually the honey badger retreated into his hole with a couple of porcupine quills embedded in his head!!! Honey Badgers have a reputation for aggression and if they fee threatened they will attack – even much larger animals such as Spotted Hyena or Lions, or even humans! Because of this they don’t have much to fear themselves!

Four of our young lionesses killed a giraffe close to one of our dams. They were lying beside the kill with full stomachs when we arrived on the scene. Eventually they decided to go towards the dam for a drink when all of a sudden the vultures perched in the nearby trees waiting to scavenge swooped down towards the carcass and the lions changed their minds and went back o protect their kill.

Tonight we had a spectacular sighting of a female leopard and her two cubs. The cubs are not trained to hunt until they are about a year old so their mother killed an impala for them. The young male is cheeky and was clearly curious about us. Because we have respected these animals since they were first seen they are gradually becoming accustomed to the vehicles and are becoming relaxed in our presence.

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