This morning we started our game drive with the plan of looking for a big male lion and if we were lucky enough, to see a leopard.

We found a few fresh leopard tracks early in the drive and started to follow up on the signs. After a bit of following we came to an area were we saw that the leopard was chased away by a few hyenas, so my tracker Steven and I could not find any more tracks so we left the area.

Just after we left the area we heard on the radio that someone has found a big male lion, so excitedly we made our way to the area so we could see the “KING” of the beasts.
Just before we reached the location of the lion, I heard on the radio that there was a leopard in the tree, the leopard was chased up the tree by the lions, and so even more excited I couldn’t wait to get there.

When we pulled into the sighting my guests were so happy to see the lion that they didn’t notice the leopard in the tree until I pointed it out. My guests didn’t know where to look, at the lion or at the leopard.

It was amazing to see how these big cats were looking and snarling at each other and to see which one will give in first.

It was great to be able to get both of these amazing animals in the same spot. It was the highlight of the day and could even be the highlight of my year.

Stefan de Weerd – Kapama River Lodge

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