This was one afternoon that I shall never forget. I had a Japanese family on my vehicle and we went out with the hope of finding lions, but not just any lions. We wanted to see them hunting. So we started to track some lions. We tried for about 30 to 40 minutes, and we managed to locate them in the thickets. They were hunting, and a few minutes later they started stalking a warthog. It was around sunset – the perfect time for them to hunt with the perfect cover.

We saw the whole plan unfold. One of the females went all the way round and started chasing the warthog towards the other two females. It was a superb chase. Zig-zag until, finally, they killed it in front of our car. After watching this exciting moment, as I left the sighting, a few minutes later, we witnessed another kill – a Small spotted genet killed a Southern yellow-billed Hornbill on top of Knob-thorn acacia tree.

Thais was even beyond our expectations for the day. We ended up having some celebratory sun downer drinks while looking at the beautiful sunset behind the Drakensberg Mountains.

Tinyiko – River Lodge Ranger

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