During the past two days I hosted the Benesh and Hill families on safari, and what a great amount of fun we had.  During our first safari we found a “crash” of 6 rhino wallowing in a mud pan, a big herd of buffalo and last but not least two young lionesses resting up in a dry river bed.

The next morning was equally productive as we found a pride of lions consisting of five females and a big male, rhino, buffalo and a solitary elephant bull. Then as we pretty much thought it cannot get any better, that evening  we got the proverbial cherry on top!!! We got a call from one of our other guides informing us of a big male leopard that was found not too far away from us, and of course we wasted no time in getting to this “holy grail” of sightings.

Big male leopard seen on safari

Once again the bush did not disappoint, and me and my guests were equally happy about the past two days successes, as once again Kapama showed what it has to offer.

Sebastiaan Jansen Van Vuuren

Ranger – Kapama Main Lodge

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