dsc_0069The past three nights I was blessed to have a very fun and interesting group of guests. They were here for a specific wildlife photographic safari. During their stay we were fortunate to have excellent sightings of some of our returning and resident birds. We had Pygmy Kingfishers sitting next to the vehicle and diving in and out of a dam as well as spectacular displays from a male and female Pied Kingfisher couple and Grey-Headed and Brown-Hooded Kingfishers trilling morning and night. Fork-Tailed Drongos mobbed an African Harrier Hawk (Gymnogene) away from their nest and a beautiful mature Marshall Eagle sat for us in a tree for a good 20 minutes or so before soaring off giving us great fly photos. Green-Backed Herons and Water Thicknees, as well as Red-Chested, Black, and Diederik Cuckoos are now in abundance on Kapama and the rains have finally started to turn our veld green. The sightings of our four sub-adult lionesses were fantastic the past few days as they are learning the art of stalking and killing and have taken down a full grown female Buffalo and an adult Blue Wildebeest. Also spied during their stay, other than the usual Rhino, Elephant, and Buffalo, was a good sized Leopard Tortoise, the first for me and my tracker this season, a hunting Caracal and a very busy Honey Badger. Fantastic sightings and summer is on the way, what more could we ask for!
Story by: Noelle Di Lorenzo-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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