blind-snake-picThere are lots of interesting snakes to be found in the bush. This morning we had a rather rare find of a Schlegal’s Beaked Blind Snake. These snakes tend to be seen after rain and during the summer months. This is the largest of the Blind Snakes found in southern Africa, is harmless to humans but is often confused with a Southern Stiletto Snake, which are very dangerous and causes immense pain and often necrosis to its victims. Schlegal’s Beaked Blind Snake has small dark eyes but does not use them as other species do as they live most of their lives underground. Their vision above ground is similar to that of a mole or shrew. The species can lay up to 60 eggs and varies in color from plain brown to blotched or striped. Their enemies include other snakes and their diet consists mostly of termites and their larvae.

Story by: Divan Vermaak-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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