We came back from another great sighting with the elephants and were on our way to where 3 lions were last seen. There was already another vehicle following the lions. They were stalking a few impala, crouching, observing, making plans for this ‘one moment’… but the lions were quickly out-smarted by the “safety in numbers” and the quick response from the impala through the African savannah.

The lions were heading south towards the Lodge with a small waterhole bordering the Lodge and just before they reach the water a big herd of buffalo charged the lions….the lions were caught offside and scattered into all directions We did not even hear the buffalo from the game viewer, they came out of the ‘dark’ night with such a speed to disappear again in a few seconds. The buffalo were upset, snorting, thrashing the bush, you could even here the thunder of their hooves loosening the top soil with their large body.

After about 10 minutes it all went quite, the buffalo were relaxed, but no sign of the lions… I decided to circle the block looking for any lion track, we drove that area for 20 minutes and eventually found then in front of the Lodge’s entrance…The lions escaped once more from the buffalo.

It was a perfect ending close to the lodge…..the difficult part was to explain to the guests that the lions are not in camp!!!!

Ranger Joe

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