The rain has come to Kapama these past few weeks. The bush has turned green, and the animals have a reason to be happy. With all the new grass growing and new fresh leaves on the trees, this morning we set off on drive hoping for the best, and the best we got. White rhino just 10 minutes from the lodge, happy with that we set off to the area where the elephants were found when we came across a drag mark across the road, a kill was made and the predator that did it, ‘ leopard’. We drove into the bush following the tacks, and we found them, just 25 meters off the road, it was a female leopard with two cubs. We were all happy to see them, a few weeks back a cub was lost to the lions, and we thought she would move the other two remaining cubs, but she did not, she remained and kept her territory. I am sure the two cubs will stay well clear from lions now.

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