RoelSummer is back… with a vengeance

Before I had my week off, I was still doing game drives dressed in a jacket, beanie and gloves. But when I came back after one week, it felt like I missed a whole season. What happened to Spring, is a big mystery. With temperatures already in the 30’s, we’ve headed for an early start to summer. The great thing about it is that all the trees start blossoming, and the beautiful red, white and yellow blossoms are a welcoming sight after the dull winter colours. Now we’re expectantly waiting for the rain. The chameleons and snakes have started emerging from their winter slumber, and the migratory birds are also seen again. We are looking forward to a great summer, with lots of new babies and lush green vegetation. Will keep you updated on that.

Maggie Oosthuizen – Kapama River Lodge Ranger