Christmas day on a game reserve usually for the staff is just another working day. This year however, was different! With the lodge and all its decorations, the staff all wearing Christmas hats and everyone in the Christmas spirit, we started out on the morning safari. Little did we know it would turn out to be an amazing one!  With the temperature being rather warm for this time of the morning, we found many of the animals at the water holes! Even some of them, the buffalo, for instance were all in the water. Imagine 70 buffalo all together in a waterhole ! An interesting sight!

 The Elephants decided they needed a swim a plunged into one of the water holes as well. The Lions were lazy and as always lying around under the trees! The most interesting thing happened in the afternoon at around 3pm when  we heard thunder and saw lightning in the distance. As it came closer it got louder and louder and when the storm eventually arrived it was pandemonium. Hail stones the size of cricket balls were falling, and animals were running as fast as they could to find some cover. The thunder was so loud you couldn’t talk to the person standing right next to you! 

 It was actually really impressive to see and once again, an incredible time on Kapama Game Reserve!

 Seasons greetings to all

Tim Verryenne – Head Ranger – Kapama Lodge

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