The small town of Thulamahashe lies about 40 km south of Kapama Private Game Reserve. At the heart of this town is a safe haven for orphaned and abandoned children from the area – the Thulamahashe Children’s Home. The home is designed to accommodate 12 children, but there are always more children resident as no child in need is ever turned away.

A few years ago Kapama decided to do something meaningful for the Christmas season, and so began the annual hosted Christmas party for the children currently resident at Thulamahashe Children’s Home. Joining in the fun and spirit of community at this event is the children of Kapama employees. All the children aged between six and fifteen years thoroughly enjoyed this special day together.

The enthusiastic Kapama team interacted with the children in conversations and fun activities.  The Kapama chefs prepared lots of food, tasty snacks and refreshments while the Kapama rangers shared the festive cheer among the children. The secret Santa goodie bags brought big smiles to the children to take home after the festive day.

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