dscn0183-2As the silly season slowly disappears, the days have been long and hot!

The 21st December was the Summer Solstice.  Having had the longest day in the year, the days will start becoming shorter until the Winter Solstice in June.

The last few days have been excessively hot and most of the animals have been hiding until later in the afternoon!  This however has not barred some amazing sightings:

We have been fortunate with some excellent Lion sightings.  Three lionesses where found lazing at a dam one afternoon and later that night the big male showed his prowess, roaring next to our vehicles!  We have found two new lion cubs, after a lengthily absence of one of our adult lionesses – we will keep you updated.

One of our commonly seen male Leopards paid us a visit yesterday morning and we managed to relocate him last night.  He killed a small Jackal and had satisfaction stalking  the rest of its family afterwards .  Later at dinner there was a buzz amongst all the guests – all excited after having seen this elusive creature!

Our Rhinos and Buffalo have been spending lots of time in the mud and watering holes!  Lazing about and sleeping until late in the afternoon…

Story by: Hailey Bunge – River Lodge Ranger

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