The afternoon safari started quite well with a wide variety of plains game and birds and an incredible sighting of a heard of elephant crossing the road in front of us, the matriarch keeping a weary eye on us while ushering the little one across. We were about to stop for sundowners and watch the sun disappear behind the Drakensburg Mountains when one of my guests shouted “lion!” It was a single female stalking some impala, and then, to our complete surprise, we noticed two other females crouched with just the black tufts on their ears showing, I turned off the engine and sat still and quietly and waited, then the impala started to alarm call and the chase began, one male impala was running for his life with one of the lionesses hot on his heels, it was a beautiful setting on the open plains with the sun setting but fortunately for the impala it out maneuvered the lioness and lived to see another sunset.

Rob Brouard, 08-07-2011.

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