From childhood we learn about collective nouns for animals, for instance, a herd of cattle, a flock of birds, a gaggle of geese etc. But have you ever wondered what a group of hippos, or giraffes are called? Here are some interesting ones:

A Dazzle of Zebra
A Journey of Giraffe
A Pod (or raft) of Hippos
A Sounder of Warthog
An Obstinacy of Buffalo
A Murder of Crows
A Parliament of Owls
A Pride of Lions
An Implausibility of Wildebeest
A Crash of Rhino
A Leap of Leopard
A Herd of Elephant
A Troop of Baboons / Monkeys
A Coalition of Cheetah
A Clan of Hyena

By Maggie – River Lodge Ranger

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