The Klaserie River is low now due to low rainfall and that enables us to view the hippos nicely. This afternoon we got them sleeping on the sandbank just out side the water. While watching the hippos, we saw a Pied Kingfisher trying to get his last fish before the sun set.

He took several attempts and came out empty handed, that is, until he dove even deeper and came out with a fish as big as him. Unfortunately, its size was weighing him down while he was flying so he flew towards the bank so that he does not drop it. However, the fish was still alive and ‘kicking’ as he flew and he accidentally dropped it onto the spine of one of the hippos. The hippo got such a fright that it jumped up, gave the other hippos a fright, and ran straight into the water with a massive splash. With all this commotion all the other animals around, such as a grey heron, flew away.

Nevertheless, I think the fish was relieved to be back in the water.

Nelson – River Lodge

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