Yesterday we saw a Dark Chanting Goshawk sitting in a Knob thorn tree, north of Mamba dam, busy feeding on another bird. We could not identify its prey at first but as we approached we found that it was a Crested Francolin (Spurfowl). The Goshawk had already eaten most of the meat. We stayed in the sighting for about half an hour when we noticed another bird of prey on the southern side of the dam. As we had a closer look we saw it was an African Hawk Eagle. The Hawk Eagle did not look interested in the Goshawk at all, as we expected, as they frequently rob other smaller raptors of their prey. We left the sighting, with the goshawk still feeding on its prey, undisturbed by the bigger, more aggressive Hawk Eagle on the other side of the dam.


Freedom Mabunda


Kapama Main Lodge

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