On yesterdays safari we were enjoying the sights and sounds of the African bush, when, one of our rangers “Jeffery” said he had found some very fresh tracks of the male Lion!

So we decided to go and help out and maybe get lucky in seeing him!

After roughly 30min of looking for him we found him at the waterhole having a drink of water with a real full belly, moving very slowly away from the water we noticed he was walking along a track that had been used the evening before by the lionesses.

As we were following we noticed a large group of Vultures circling over head, and also some perched in the trees, possibly the indication of a kill nearby, and with the male Lion having his full belly, it was then a sure sign of something having died!

After following the Lion for some time we discovered the females and the now 17month old cubs busy eating a giraffe!

As some of the guests favourite animals was  giraffes, the Lions were not that popular to them at that moment!

After an amazing sighting we left the lions to keep on feeding. This once again  shows how life in the bush is tough and the death of one will feed another


Sebastiaan Jansen van Vuuren

Kapama Lodge

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