We set out on game drive this afternoon knowing that there was a leopard spotted earlier the day, so my plan was to go there before all the traffic starts so that we could see if he is still around and enjoy the sighting.

So on our way there we come across what we call a Dagga boy (old male Buffalo) just relaxing in a puddle of water so we spend some time with him; just to find the leopard busy feeding on a female Kudu that he killed. This was truly amazing.

As we leave the leopard, I thought to go to a place that is perfect for a sundowner stop. On the way there we come across a female Rhino and her baby just feeding and relaxing. My guests were extremely happy with what they had seen in such a short time.

Finally, we get to our drink spot and everyone grabbed a glass of wine when all of a sudden we hear a lion raw not too far away, so we pack up in a hurry head to the side that we heard the lion raw. Then we find the king of Kapama in the road busy walking and roaring. It was truly amazing and I could not believe our luck; 4 of the big 5 spotted and very good sightings of all of them.

All that I had to say was “welcome to Africa” and “expect the unexpected”.

JT – Kapama River Lodge

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