As we know every day is a new day and every morning we, as rangers, have new challenges. Today, there was a specific sighting that I was looking for and therefore made sure that everyone was on the vehicle at 6 o’ clock sharp.

I was looking for two female lionesses and three cubs and, by observing their behaviour, I knew they would not give us much time. They are still more active in the early morning and sometimes they are in nice open areas – perfect for a good sighting. We went straight to an area where I thought I could try my luck and lucky we were. Close to a dam we saw them all playing with each other and having a good time. The cubs were playing with each other and also with the two lionesses.

Running around, chasing one another and diving over each other, this was exactly what we were hoping for. We enjoyed their company for about 15 minutes and then they strolled off into the bush to be lazy for the rest of their day.

Michael – River Lodge

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