One is never really certain what to expect out of a morning safari at Kapama.
It all started off with us going to the area where the pride of lions was last seen. On our way we see the male lion tracks going one way accompanied by one female and the rest of the prides tracks nowhere to be found, so we follow the male lion tracks to a point where we see where they were sleeping and moving a lot.

Eventually, we get the male lion mating with the female. This was truly something spectacular to see as none of us were expecting to find this.

After we left them to themselves, we stopped and enjoyed some coffee and then started to head back out to see what the rest of the pride got up to the previous night. Finally, we find the first tracks not to far west of where we had found the male. After a while of tracking we find them looking as eager as ever to hunt so we followed the into a block.

The lions slowly came up to some wildebeest and we knew then that there would be some action. The females started spreading out into different directions and started charging. As we caught up with them, we found one of the females with a baby wildebeest in her mouth. Not long after, the other females joined her and they started feasting. None of us could believe what we were seeing. It was truly something to remember.

JT – Kapama River Lodge

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