This morning on drive, whilst hot on the tracks of a female leopard, we made our way towards the Nyala Dam area. The next thing we heard the impala giving alarm calls on the south western side of the dam. We quickly made our way around the dam to see if we could see any sign of what was scaring the impala. I switched off my Land Cruiser and Respect, my tracker, went on foot to see if he could find any sign of the leopard. As he climbed off, a pair of Egyptian geese made their way into the dam, another three geese then followed a little way off. The first pair was soon seen fighting and one was actually biting the others tail. It let out an almighty squawk and the adult male appeared immediately flying to its rescue, chasing the intruder from “his” dam. And all was calm on the dam again. Unfortunately the leopard was not found, but tonight is another chance to find her.


Dean Robinson

Head Ranger

Kapama Main Lodge

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