Elephant Calf

Hailey Bunge,  Kapama River Lodge Ranger

Another new arrival…

Early this morning a new Elephant calf was spotted for the first time! Ms Tricia Jakes currently staying at Kapama River Lodge took the first picture of the newly born elephant calf. It is still very wobbly and is only a few hours old! The adult females were very protective and ushered the little baby along wherever they walked.
Female Elephants are pregnant for 22months and generally give birth to calves every 3-4 years. The little calf will suckle until it is about 18-24 months old, during this time it has to learn how to use its complex trunk!

Our Lion cubs were spotted this morning too. They are very strong and were seen playing in the bush with their mother. A little while later our male Lion was found in the same area sniffing around looking for the Lioness and her cubs – he did not find them.

The Lioness is very defensive when caring for her new cubs and will move them around regularly to prevent other Lions, Leopard and Hyena finding her scent

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