elephants-vs-lions (VIDEO CLIP) This morning we had one of the most amazing and intense sightings I’ve witnessed in quite a wile. It started with a sighting of a breeding herd of elephants. After watching them for a wile we left to follow up on some fresh lion spoor in the vicinity. We eventually spotted a sub-adult lioness at the very top of a Marula tree with non other than the herd of elephants surrounding the tree, trying their best to get a hold of the poor lioness. Then suddenly, everything just went crazy as the whole herd of elephant started to chase after the whole pride of lions.

The lions scattered in all directions  as the lioness in the tree also got a lucky break, got down the tree and ran for her life, with a young elephant bull almost on top of her. Luckily she avoided being stomped on, but only just escaped a gruesome death. Elephants are quite fast, but lions are much quicker and more agile and this counted in their favour.  This fact however did not keep the elephants from repeatedly chasing after and trying to get hold of the lions. Wave after wave of attacks on the lions sent them scattering time and time again, barely leaving them time to catch their breath and to re-group.

We can only assume that the lions took a chance to maybe prey on one of the infants in the elephant herd who is approx. 3 weeks old, and this would most likely be the reason the elephants where so intent on catching, injuring or possibly killing the lions.

The three young lionesses are quite “ambitious” and have been known to previously stalk rhino, and surely it shows that they still have an awefull lot to learn about staying out of trouble, and in the bush, experience counts for everything…

Westley Lombard

Ranger – Kapama Main Lodge

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