Again this evening game drive at Kapama did not disappoint. After a bit of a slow start to drive, due to a very hot and humid day, my guests and I were treated to three old Buffalo bulls lounging around the edges of a dam, wallowing, ruminating, and basking in the late afternoon sun. While sitting with the Old Dagga Boys, my tracker heard a crunching sound come from the east. So off we went in search of the animal making the sound and came across a Crash of Rhino, five strong. All were females of different ages and sizes and they treated us to a sighting of snorts, rubs, and casual grazing. After our rhino we watched the sun set over the Drakensberg Mountains and proceeded to respond to a leopard sighting where we were thrilled to watch a young cub stalk the vehicle and then go and play with his sibling and mother, after which they ate off of a warthog kill. Just down the road from the leopard were four lionesses, also eating a warthog they had recently caught. Drinks were enjoyed under a starry night sky. Great evening!

By: Noelle DiLorenzo – Kapama River Lodge Ranger

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